Released: Free Folk Followers of Bone and Nights Watch Ranger Trackers


Followers of Bones Available Now

Adorned in elk, mammoth, and even human bones, the Free Folk Followers of Bones, mimic their leader, the Lord of Bones, in both appearance and in their reputation for cruelty.

Now available in A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game, these vicious warriors bring new list diversity and battlefield options to the Free Folk forces. While their full potential becomes unlocked in combination with the Free Folk Heroes Box I where they will be at their best working as an elite unit with Lord of Bones himself or synergizing with Sytr the Magnar of Thenn, currently, this unit allows Free Folk players to discourage low moral units from attacking, and begins to open up panic style lists for Free Folk forces. Lists that have been making good use of the Cave Dweller Alpha attachment will find the Followers of Bone a welcome addition to their forces.

With several key units on the horizon, this unit will be a key piece for Free Folk players but will find its full potential with the release of the Free Folk Hero I Box Set.

Ranger Trackers – Credit: CMON Games

Ranger Trackers Reinforce the Night’s Watch

While not a new unit, Nights Watch players can now expand their forces with individual units of Ranger Tracker units, making Gary Luther’s 3rd place Adepticon list a more economical purchase than having to acquire two starter sets.

Commander: “Jon Snow – 998th Lord Commander “
Points: 40 (1 Neutral)

Combat Units:

  • Ranger Trackers (6)
  • Ranger Trackers (6)
  • Sworn Brothers (6)
  • Sworn Brothers (6) – with Dreadfort Captain (1)
  • Veterans Of The Watch (8) -with Jon Snow – 998th Lord Commander (0)
    -Ghost (0)

Non-Combat Units:

  • Bowen Marsh – First Steward (3)
  • Aemon – Maester Of Castle Black (4)




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  1. […] The Ranger Trackers definitely have the steepest learning curve of all the units in the Night’s Watch starter set. When used correctly these guys can cause real havoc for your opponent. On the contrary, when used incorrectly you get to watch your horses and archers rolled right off the battlefield! In addition to their cavalry free maneuver, the Ranger Trackers Boast a 6” movement, and an order that does not require the Ranger Trackers activation. Having short range on a unit that is very dependent on staying out of trouble can be worrisome at times, but handing out a free vulnerable token to a unit that is about to take some Sworn Brothers to the face, it would seem the reward outweighs the risk.  One of the highest skill ceiling units in the Night’s Watch Starter Set, they are not uncommon to see in high level play. [Editor’s Note: You can find Gary Luther’s 3rd place Adepitcon 2019 list at the bottom of the article here.] […]

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