Recruitment Guide: Expanding Your Night’s Watch Forces for ASOIAF TMG

In this buying guide, we will take a look at the options to add to your Night’s Watch Starter Set. First, we will look at the Night’s Watch Heroes I. This Heroes Box includes three commander options (one as an NCU), five attachments, two NCU’s, and the Scorpion Modifications card.  Obviously, some of the options are comprised of the same character being used in multiple roles within the army. The commander options are Alliser Thorne – Master-At-Arms, Donal Noye – Defender of Castle Black, and Othell Yarwyck – First Builder. The added NCUs are Qhorin Halfhand – Unwavering Ranger and Donal Noye – Expert Blacksmith. And the new attachments are Grenn – Aurochs, Pypar – Monkey, Alliser Thorne – Vindictive Overseer, Quorin Halfhand – Grizzled Ranger, Othell Yarwyck – Warmachine Specialist, and the Scorpion Modifications. Next, we have a unit that has been around as long as the Night’s Watch Starter, the Ranger Hunters. The Ranger Hunters are a highly mobile unit that is difficult to pin down. Between having a movement of 6 and the “Swift Strike” ability they are able to almost pin-ball around the battlefield and flank enemies. Also, the Ranger Hunters “Short Bow” ability is a short-range attack that actually possesses the same dice profile as their melee attack. Finally, their “Opportunist” ability can put your opponent in a bind when deciding which units to activate to prevent the Ranger Hunters from getting re-rolls. The biggest con to the Ranger Hunters is that they require some practice to learn to properly utilize the movement and abilities. Now, the cheapest unit the Night’s watch has to offer, the Conscripts: At face value, the Conscripts do not bring anything astonishing to the battlefield. They have the worst morale on the wall, a poor defense save, and are not able to use the Night’s Watch Vow mechanic. That being said, the conscripts have a role in the Night’s Watch assault. Their four point cost complements the usually elite cost of Night’s Watch units. Also, when they activate they restore D3 wounds or an automatic three if you have the wealth zone claimed. These guys can be a real tar pit to tie up your opponent’s expensive units! Included in the Conscripts box is the Watch Recruiter attachment, providing further healing and regeneration. This attachment can help any Night’s Watch unit that is in the thick of the action and since ‘Forced Conscription’ is not an order it can be utilized multiple times to help boost your healing. The last infantry unit for the guide is the Builder Crossbowmen. Although one point more expensive than the Lannister Crossbowmen the Builder Crossbowmen are well worth it! Their order “Ready! Aim! Fire!” adds devastating defensive capabilities. Not only is firing off a free attack against a charging enemy great, but the two-inch shift on a ranged attack can possibly cause a failed charge and panic test for the attacker.  Finally, when this unit is paired with Pypar – Monkey (from the Hero box) he grants them the Nimble ability which changes the two-inch shift to three inches and grants an additional three-inch shift after the range attack is complete. Shifting six inches back will foil almost any charge plans from an opponent. Also, it is worth noting that the “Ready! Aim! Fire!” order for the crossbowmen does not need to be a charge from the front, unlike the “Ready! Aim! Fire!” granted to the scorpion builder by the Scorpion Modifications attachment. Finally, we have units that set the Night’s Watch apart from other factions: War Machines! Each war machine has six wounds, never takes morale tests, and never gains condition tokens. Each War Machine box comes with two fieldable units. Let’s start with the Builder Scorpion Crew: The Builder Scorpion Crew has 2 different ranged attacks and no melee attack. The first attack “Bolt Thrower” is for infantry and cavalry units. Their standard attack rolls three dice hitting on three’s and each success deals the target three hits with sundering. Next, is the Scorpion’s “Bolt Thrower” attack. This attack is only for solo units and rolls one die hitting on a 2+. If this attack hits it does d3+1 wounds to that solo unit. And to wrap things up, the newest addition to the Night’s Watch, the Builder Stone Thrower! The Builder Stone Thrower has one ranged attack and one melee attack. The ranged attack cannot hit targets within long-range (12 inches) and rolls one dice hitting on a three. If the attack hits it does d6+1 wounds for each of the target’s remaining ranks. This is the only effect in the game so far that deals d6 wounds. The melee attack is 3 dice hitting on fours and should only be used in emergency situations. For more on the Builder Stone Thrower including tactics and example lists check out our full breakdown here.


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