Upcoming Releases for A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game (Winter 2019/2020)


If you are wondering what expansions are coming out for A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game for the Winter 2019-2020 season, we have put them all in one convenient location!

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November 2019 Releases

House Baratheon Starter Set

The Baratheon Starter Set gives players everything they need to make their claim on the Iron Throne. It comes complete with a rulebook, dice, measuring sticks, stat cards, and miniatures to field a full army in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Players will get two units of Baratheon Wardens, and a unit each of Baratheon Sentinels and Stag Knights. Along with that, there are Unit Attachments and NCUs, including characters such as Renly and Stannis Baratheon, Alester Florent, Shyra Errol, and more.

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Neutral Heroes Box 2

During times of strife, there are those that don’t simply stand behind a single banner but will move from force to force looking to either make some coin or simply follow their own paths and desires.

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Deluxe Activation Banners

This Deluxe Activation Banner set gives commanders an easy way to keep track of which of their units have activated and which are left to go.

December 2019

No releases for ASOIAF TMG announced for December

January 2020

Targaryen Starter Set

While the great Houses of Westeros fight with one another over who will sit on the Iron Throne, a foreign faction steadily grows in power across the sea. Daenerys Targaryen is uniting the Dothraki forces along with Khal Drogo. These horselords will soon be making the trek across the Narrow Sea and make their presence known. A new contender for the Iron Throne is about to enter in grand fashion.

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Neutral Stormcrow Mercenaries

For all their internal squabbles, questionable loyalties, and rapidly changing leadership, the Stormcrow Mercenary Company fields solid soldiers, orderly and loyal (once properly paid, of course). That said, they remain a professional mercenary company, easily working with any leaders their employers choose to place in command. Their rank-and-file soldiers are solid medium infantry, best suited to holding a flank or ranging out in flanking maneuvers of their own. While not built to weather a vanguard or withstand charges from heavy cavalry, the Stormcrow Mercenaries can hold their own against most troops and trade blow for blow.

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Neutral Stormcrow Archers

Like all Stormcrows, their archers are skilled professionals, ready and willing to lend their bows and blades to any cause for a hefty purse. Meet their price, and perhaps throw in a little extra, and an employer can count on talented, well-equipped archers armed with powerful longbows for long-range combat.

Stormcrow Archers are lightly armored for rapid movement, but while their shortswords are sharp and can fend off a weakened assault, they’re not made for withstanding even a light cavalry charge. It’s far better to turn their deadly rain against impending threats than weather a direct attack.

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Neutral Bloody Mummer Skirmishers

There are many mercenary companies in Westeros. Each one must find a way to stand out from the rest. The Bloody Mummers do this via garish outfits and makeup, along with wild antics. But it would be only a fool that would think them as mere clowns on the battlefield. Their outfits are not the sign of a friendly disposition. In fact, it more acts as a warning, as the Bloody Mummers are also known as one of the cruelest mercenary companies.

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February 2020

Targaryen Dothraki Screamers

The warrior ways of the Dothraki might make them appear as simple barbarian savages, screaming into the sky as they charge into battle. And many commanders have underestimated them because of those stereotypes. A Dothraki will spend more time on their horse than they will off of it, and with that experience comes skill that regular training will never achieve. Despite being unarmored, it is still difficult for a trained swordsman to land a significant hit on a mounted Dothraki.

Baratheon Wardens

House Baratheon’s battle doctrine is fairly simple: be strong like iron. They outfit their troops in heavy armor at every level and arm them with the House’s signature warhammer. While this heavy kit does slow down troop movements, the tenacity of their defenses can usually see them through. The Baratheon Wardens are the main infantry unit that the House uses, fielding many ranks of these rough and rugged fighters.

Free Folk Skinchangers

Skinchangers have the rare ability to project their consciousness into nearby creatures, altering their behavior. This can be used simply, perhaps having them perform tricks. But it can also be used in combat. It’s bad enough when an enemy unit is advancing on your position. It’s worse when that unit is flanked by giant wolves or bears.

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Deluxe Activation Banners

March 2020

Bloody Mummer Zorse Riders

To stand out among all the different mercenary companies n Westeros, one must get creative. For the Bloody Mummers, they have decided that every aspect of their look must be as flamboyant as possible. That doesn’t just mean bright clothing for themselves, but even to the animals that they ride in combat. Not content with the various horse breeds, they have instead opted to ride zorses, a combination of a horse and zebra.

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Baratheon Heroes 1 & Baratheons Heroes 2

With two heroes boxes announced for this March, it is a safe bet that both Renly and Stannis will see their own unique Heroes Box sets.

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Targaryen Heroes 1

Other than a product release month, we currently have no information regarding the contents of the House Targaryen Heroes Box 1.

Unsullied Swordmasters

The Unsullied have one of the most difficult training regimens of any unit. Only about one in three survives to the end. However, those that do are swordsmen of unparalleled skill. Though they look slight compared to most western swordsmen, that does not mean they’re not as strong or effective on the battlefield. When joined with an officer, their skills are only enhanced, trading blow-for-blow with any foe.


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