Neutral Heroes 2: Enter the Frey


“The scent of blood or the scent of gold, they smell the same in the end.”

A Game of Thrones, Chapter 32, Arya III

In the War of the Five Kings, sellswords and free-riders flock to the banners, seeking fame and fortune. Neutral Heroes II offers generals a number of excellent options to add to their forces- if they have the coin that is!  

Bronn- The Sellsword

Once a Kickstarter exclusive, everyone’s favorite sellsword is now available as a regular release. Bronn plays well in factions which like the wealth zone, such as Lannisters, Neutrals, and Night’s Watch. He is particularity good with bastards girls, offering his +2 dice in both melee and ranged attacks for a whopping 14 dice! You can expect to see plenty of him at some of the top tournament tables. 

Brienne- Maiden of Tarth

Our second Neutral Kickstarter option, Brienne is something of a sleeper hit. The +2 morale bonus from stalwart is almost worth the two points alone. The reason you take her though, is the Knightly Vow ability. Since the target of your vow is chosen before deployment begins, it means you can force your opponent to make a series of tough choices. Is there a particularly scary unit of your opponents that you just don’t like? Or perhaps there’s a unit of heavy infantry you want off an objective? The psychological warfare she brings is nearly as good as the ability.

Daario Naharis – Reckless Mercenary

A purely offensive attachment, at only 2 points Daario is a very efficient choice. Ignoring defense saves on 6 is very strong, particularly when rolling lots of dice. Combined with Critical Blow it becomes outright devastating, each roll of 6 ignoring 2 saves instead of one! Remember though that each miss causes the unit to suffer a wound- so make sure you get the charge and look out for weakened tokens. 

Vargo Hoat- The Crippler

This sellsword brings vicious wherever he goes, making him a great choice for factions or units which might not normally have access to this ability. If you are looking for more condition tokens in your list, Vargo also is a great choice, allowing you to pass out weakened whenever an engaged opponent fails a panic test. He can really help a unit like Blackguard hold the line, but also should play well with Baratheons. A solid option.  

Jaqen H’Ghar- Unnamed

A true wildcard, Jaqen has the ability to become any previously destroyed attachment.  Effectively a reliable, 2 point version of Taking the Black which can be directed towards your own army, Jaqen allows you to build redundancy in your list. Lost an expensive 3 point attachment too early? Imagine bringing back Gregor Clegane-Lord Tywin’s Mad Dog- or better yet, taking your opponent’s! Even taking the name of a 1 point attachment can be worthwhile, allowing you the flexibility of reacting offensively or defensively as needed. 

Jaqen H’Ghar – Follower of the Red God

Jaqen can really help put the hurt on something you want dead. Ideally, you want to grab the attack zone with Jaqen in order to get the reroll on his Choosing a Name ability. With the reroll you are likely to get at least one extra wound through. 

Jaqen H’Ghar- Mysterious Prisoner

The inclusion of a stark exclusive version of Jaqen makes Neutral Heroes II a must for Starks. Unlocked by the inclusion of Arya, Jaqen adds an excellent control piece to Stark armies, allowing you to potentially kill an enemy NCU! Put Jaqen in an aggressive enemy unit, and watch as your opponent has to hold their expensive unit back or risk losing an NCU early in the game.

Walder Frey- Lord of the Crossing

In true neutral fashion, Walder likes to play for the winning side. Walder is a powerhouse, offering one of the most consistent sources of ability removal in the game. At worst you are dealing one wound a turn, which can really help with those pesky heavy armor units. Are Builder Stone Throwers getting you down? Not if Walder has anything to say about it. At 5 points, he is a considerable investment, though one which will undoubtedly be meta defining. 

Tycho Nestoris- Iron Banker

Tycho has an interesting once per game ability allowing you to heal up to 5 wounds across any number of units. The fact that this can be used at any time is absolutely punishing. Night’s Watch should get a kick out of running this NCU alongside Maester Aemon, making your healing even more effective on expensive units such as Veterans. 


Neutral Heroes 2 offers a couple of excellent new command choices, each deserving of their own in-depth analysis once they’ve seen some more time on the table. These two commanders provide interesting options to just about every faction in the game. Meanwhile, Neutral players will have plenty of new options. 

Daario – Stormcrow Captain

 An incredibly versatile commander choice. Daario does a little bit of everything. He makes his unit a defensive anchor, while his tactics cards provide a wide range of effects, from increasing combat output to condition manipulation. Of particular note is Forced March.  Out of activation movement abilities are very powerful, as anyone who has played Starks or Free Folk can attest. Now just about any faction can enjoy additional mobility. Neutral players rejoice.

Vargo Hoat – Goat of Harrenhal

If you are looking for a reliable source of condition tokens, then Vargo is a great commander choice. Much like his Bolton counterparts, Vargo is reliant on condition tokens to activate most of his tactics cards. Weakened is great for Baratheons and Lannisters in particular, who tend to gravitate toward the attrition playstyle. 


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