On the Table Gaming Episode 58: Michael Shinall and Fabio Cury talk v1.5 Update to ASOIAF TMG

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On The Table Gaming
On the Table is a gaming podcast that focuses on board games, table-top wargames, and collectible card games.
On the Table Gaming Episode 61: Teemu from 25 years of Mini Blog and the Others Fan Faction
by On the Table Gaming

Join Chase and Josh from On the Table Gaming as they discuss the Others Fan Faction with Teemu from the 25 years of Minis and Counting Blog. Be sure to check out the ASOIAF TMG fan faction the Others, designed by Yannic Bur.

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  1. Excellent podcast and great to hear the insight of the designers, although the changes to Sword Brothers screwed up all my math!. And Chase thanks again for the game at Unplugged.


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