ASOIAFBuilder update v.1 is Live


On the Table Gaming is proud to announce that ASOIAFBuilder has undergone its first update, with a pass-through bringing unit cards into alignment with version v.1.5.1 of the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game.

Additionally, thanks to some patron support, we’ve been able to add a scenario tab that lists game modes and can generate a random scenario for play. Clicking tournament scenarios will remove game modes like A Storm of Swords from the pool.


As part of the update, units that have been revealed from the Baratheon Heroes Box I and II have been updated; be sure to try to make room for Melissandra in your Baratheon lists – she adds a certain spark that was missing in earlier Stannis loyalty lists.

We are currently looking into the addition of scenery references and will be continuing to make general improvements to the site. We hope you enjoy the updates to ASOIAFBuilder and that it helps you get your miniatures… On the Table.


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