Gen Con Online: Speculation for A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game


With major conventions on hold due to COVID 19, Gen Con, like the earlier CMON Expo 2020, is going digital. Last year, Gen Con saw the early release of a limited number of Baratheon Starter sets and the full spoiling of the contents inside. With the shift to a digital convention what information, if any, may be revealed by CMON regarding ASOIAF TMG?

To get to the bottom of this mystery, we undertook the serious investigative journalism that draws so many of you to On the Table Gaming.

Well, there we have it folks. A resounding…maybe?

Joking aside, here are some of the things that we know are coming, but have yet to be spoiled. We tried, whenever possible to include references, but if you have a more specific source, please reach out to us at On the Table Gaming so that we can update our post.

Greyjoy Ironborn Archers Unit

Mentioned at CMON Expo 2020 (46:00), despite Michael Shinall joking how any hint at there being a possible unit would result in the internet claiming such a unit existed, Shinall went on to state that Greyjoy Ironborn Archers were 110% included in the Greyjoy Starter Set. Coupled with the attempts to qualify the statement earlier by Fabio Cury, when the lead game developer may have accidentally revealed the unit’s existence, it seems that this unit’s place in the starter set is all but ironclad.

How might the Greyjoy Ironborn Archers be different from Stark Bowmen or Stormcrow archers? Will there be interplay with the Greyjoy pillage mechanic?

How might Greyjoy archers be different from Stark and Neutral?

Unsullied Pikemen and Dothraki Hrakkars

Although we had fun speculating the costs of Unsullied Pikemen and Dothraki Hrakkars with Mike Meeple on the OTTG CMON Expo 2020 spoiler breakdown podcast episode, an update on their point value and a look at their sculpts (we’re expecting the Hrakkars to be amazing!) would be a welcome reveal. As discussed on the podcast, the wording at the time of the announcement left ambiguity between whether Dothraki Hrakkars are a siege base solo or a small base solo. We’ve got our fingers crossed for siege base!

Free Folk War Mammoths and Targaryen Dragons

Shortly after the announcement of new “Monstrous” units at GAMMA 2020, listings on preorder shops were found listing War Mammoths for sale. Online sites have been caught posting product listings for items well in advance of their announcement before but this lends credence to the rumors of some great new toys from Free Folk players. While no information is available it would be hard to imagine Mammoths as anything smaller than a siege tray sized solo.

Finally, HERE are my dragons!

CMON EXPO 2020 also saw the reveal of a Targaryen Dragon sculpt, rumored to possibly be in the contents of the Mother of Dragons Hero Box. A singular model, questions abound regarding the power-level of this unit and whether players will be able to field all three of Daenerys’ dragons on the field at the same time.

How might the dragons move and attack? Will there be a new flight keyword? Will the dragons be different from each other? This would be a welcome GenCon reveal!

Baratheon Kingsmen and Queensmen

Similar to War Mammoths, product listings can be found for “Kingsmen” and “Queensmen.” It seems safe to assume both to be Baratheon units, as it makes sense for both units to launch to maintain faction parity.

Will these be stand-alone units or specialty boxes like the Kingsguard for House Lannister? With the relatively recent release of the Baratheon Heroes Box, it seems early for another Hero box style release, but, with no timeline or “official” acknowledgment of existence, these units could be released far enough out that this would make sense.

House Baratheon R’hllor Archers

ASOIAF TMG has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the past year and, despite House Baratheon and House Targaryen launch since their reveal at CMON Expo 2019 there are still mystery units that were hinted at that have yet to find their way into the game. Chief among them, the teased R’hllor Archers – briefly hinted at in CMON Expo 2019 Game Designer Panel.

For players who are a fan of combined arms, Baratheon Archers would allow players to rely less on Neutral forces for their ranged support. Similar to our speculation on the Greyjoy ranged troops, what mechanics might set these ranged units apart from other factions?

A mention of Baratheon Archers at the 30 minute mark.

Neutral Hedge Knights

With the changes to Flayed Men in the version 1.5 update to ASOIAF TMG, factions were encouraged to select in-house cavalry options unless building lists specifically to maximize Flayed Men. In theory, this opened up the design space for future cavalry units. With listings of Hedge Knights appearing online, given the rich lore surrounding Hedge Knights, is it safe to assume these will be a new neutral cavalry unit?

Looking at the current cavalry options available to players, what roles might these knights-for-hire fill without stepping on the toes of previously existing units?

Speculation Abounds

We’re excited to find out more information about what is on the horizon for A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game and, whether GenCon Online sees new ASOIAF reveals or not, we can confidently say that there are many exciting things coming down the line for the best fantasy tabletop game out there!

Let us know in the comments what YOU think might be the stats, abilities, or points of the units mentioned above and, in the meantime, we hope you get your miniatures… On the Table!



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