Sunday Slaughter: ASOIAF TMG Battle Reports


You may have heard Chris from Sunday Slaughter give tips on how to make ASOIAF TMG Battle reports on Episode 83 of the On the Table Gaming Podcast. Be sure to check out his channel and subscribe to be notified when his highly-produced A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game Battle Reports go live!

Sunday Slaughter will also be going a channel giveaway of a Roll’em If You Gottem Dice Tray from Carl Black – you can catch a look at them in the video below. Both Roll’em If You Gottem and Sunday Slaughter are great supporters of the A Song of Ice and Fire Community – make sure to follow them to stay on top of all the great content they are putting out!

Looking to get your Donal Noye painted up to lead your forces to victory? Be sure to check out Mike Meeple’s Donal Noye Night’s Watch Painting Tutorial, he’ll help you take your forces from plastic to perfection!


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