Tactic’s Talk: Hammer your Opponent’s Strategy with Baratheon Tactics Board Domination


Do you hate it when your opponents are able to use the tactics boards to their benefit? Well, the Baratheon Starter Box has the perfect solution to tactics board woes. Alester Florent, the Lord of Brightwater makes tactics board domination a viable strategy. Continue reading for the Alester Florent, Petyr Baelish, and Lord Varys NCU domination combo that will destroy any tactics board strategies your opponent has planned.

First, let’s look at Alester Florent. At 4 points, he is not a cheap NCU, but his ability is well worth the investment. Alester’s ability,  Shifting Loyalties, is our first step toward board domination. Factions often rely on controlling certain zones for their tactic cards, full effect. You can play Alester in either a proactive or reactive way when dealing with these crucial zones. Now you can sneak in a free attack with the combat zone and then use one of Alester’s two order tokens to block the maneuver zone, thereby preventing a free folk player from using “The Endless Horde”, or deploying Jarl – Advanced Raid Leader. Or perhaps the Night’s Watch player has “The Shields of the Realms of Men” vow on a unit or two and really wants to keep the wealth zone they just claimed. Alester can choose any other zone effect and then move the Night’s Watch NCU, rendering the vow useless.

Since Alester can only use his order twice per game, it is important to choose the appropriate time to use this strategy, as well as be familiar with the zones your opponent needs. Luckily, Petyr Baelish can help maintain that control of the tactic’s board.

Finally, we have the spiderman himself, Lord Varys. 

If Petyr and Alester fail to stop an opponent’s strategy, Varys is there as a final defense. With a 66% chance of success, Varys could shut down any attempt by the opponent to feel like they have any control in the game by effectively neutralizing NCUs. Varys is your tool of last resort, as often the Florent/Baelish combination will be enough to prevent hostile NCU action. Chances are he might never expend all 4 Order tokens. Sometimes, even just the threat of Varys can be enough to prevent your opponent from attempting a play. Just remember, it’s not a 100% chance of success, so always try to have a back-up plan if Varys whiffs his roll.  

Now, this tactic’s board combo costs 12 points and is not an inexpensive strategy. However, when playing an opponent who heavily relies on Tactics Board control it can be invaluable.


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