Table Thoughts: Neutral Faction Update 1.5


Fear Keeps a Man Alive

As the dust settles on 1.5, many factions are left struggling to make sense of the new changes. While the adjustments to our units and attachments have been relatively minute, the overall changes to panic are a serious boon for Neutrals. As most of our current releases have the vicious special rule, this manifests as an army-wide buff. The wild swings of failed panic tests are a thing of the past, in place we have a system that will provide far more consistent results. The changes to how panic tokens work means it is more viable now to expend a panic token in hopes of dealing additional wounds without running the risk that your opponent will pass their save. For Bolton commanders, this means token management becomes crucial, as the decision to spend a token will be dependant on whether or not you have a commander card in your hand. This should make the faction’s playstyle more dynamic while opening up new options for panic themed lists. 

The NCUs

Varys – The Spider

Best get the bad news out of the way first. Varys received a points increase from 4 to 5 points, putting him in line with our other elite NCU options. While certainly reasonable given Varys’ power level, skilled opponents are now able to play around this NCU with cards like Sudden Charge or Bribery. Alongside commanders like Roose, Varys is still a solid contender for a control-based list. His point increase, however, means Varys is no longer an “auto-include” as a 4 point NCU, making Baelish and Tycho our budget option. 

The Units

House Bolton Bastard’s Girls

The queen of glass cannons, Bastard’s Girls are a difficult unit to master. Suffering from a perception problem among newer players due to their fragility, Bastard’s Girls have received a significant buff in 1.5. The addition of vicious means that for their points, the girls are arguably one of the deadliest units in the game. The changes to alignment mean it’s now much easier to protect this until you are ready to strike. If you have struggled to use this unit before, there has never been a better reason to pick them up again.

House Bolton Flayed Men

The infamous cavalry who dominated the early meta have received a significant rework. The changes to contesting objectives meant this unit often struggled to make back its points against a skilled opponent. While this unit has lost some of its staying power it is now arguably much more powerful on the charge -and for one point less! A strong consideration for a Ramsey list, where Our Blades are Sharp! makes this unit hit with 10 dice on a 2+. Now, they fill more of a shock and awe role rather than an objective holder, and their main job is to get stuck in and kill stuff. 

The Attachments

Roose Bolton – The Leech Lord

Attachment Roose has received a one-point reduction, making it easier to fit him in lists. Roose adds additional panic spreading ability alongside some healing, making him a great all-comers choice. If you want to give a Stormcrow unit Bolton Affiliation he will now only cost you one point. A strong contender for the attachment spot in Bastard’s Girls, expect Roose to see a lot more time on the table


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