Table Thoughts: Night’s Watch Faction Update 1.5


Up Against the Wall

The wall has stood for a thousand years and It will stand for a thousand more. We are the Watchers on the Wall. Just because the cornerstone of our army now costs one point more does not mean we will falter. Let’s go to Molestown, have a nice horn of ale, and wait for all this to blow over. 

If you are panicking, don’t. Simply go to your war council app, find one of your favorite Night’s Watch armies that are likely sitting at 43/40 points, remove a unit of Sworn Brothers and replace them with a unit of conscripts. 

Now, let’s break down, specifically how the 1.5 update is affecting the Night’s Watch. 

First, The new panic test. Since the Night’s Watch tends to have above-average moral stats the new panic test has overall hurt the faction, but not every unit. Let’s reiterate that our War Machines do not care about panic so we’re good there. Secondly, the conscripts benefit from the new panic more than any other single unit in the game. Only taking an average of three wounds from a panic test on a unit with the self-healing of the conscripts is great. Add a little Aemon and Wealth zone and you now have arguably the best tarpit in the game at four points. 

Second, the Sworn Brothers. Yes, the Night’s Watch can no longer claim kinship to the best 6 point unit in the game. That’s ok, we now have a still amazing 7 point unit. Not only did the points increase but we also got one more die at full ranks which will equate to an additional two hits almost 17% of the time (because of critical Blow). Also With Neutral Hero’s II now out, toss Brienne in them and you have an absolute missile targeting an opposing unit to help you get an early lead and even the activations up. Also, with the new panic test, Brienne will increase your survivability for the whole game because of her “Stalwart” ability which is a great compliment to a Jon Snow lead Army. 

Finally, Bowen Marsh – First Steward, our beloved three-point auto-include… I mean NCU. Bowen also saw his points increase, and now costs four points. Which is ok. It’s much better than staying at three points and his ability changed to require him to replace a zone to get the card draw or have to take a specific zone. Increasing him by one point but keeping his versatility is certainly the lesser of the evils. I remember my days in King’s Landing before joining the Watch, the first time I ran into Bowen Marsh I thought there was no way my opponent played him correctly. A three-point NCU with a great ability that could also benefit from the zone he claimed? He certainly felt broken. Unfortunately, I guess I was right. 

So, in conclusion, yes, the way we play Night’s Watch in the future will be different, but let’s look on the bright side, We still have the Stone Thrower. And regardless of people criticize it as a “no skill unit”, it’s still in the game. And we’re the only ones that have access to it. 


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