Fun Community Game Modes and Ideas Wanted!


CMON Games have released several A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game beta modes for playtesting, often boasting completely new mechanics and ways to approach playing the game.

One of several Beta Game Modes released for A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game, No Foe Shall Pass has been explained by some as playing much like “American Football”

Many of these new game modes expand the expectations of what is possible in the game, even going so far as to allow NCU’s to take to the field.

But the development team at CMON don’t get to have ALL the fun!

Community Creativity!

We’re looking for community members to share, collaborate, and create their own custom game modes for ASOAIF TMG. These can be for competitive play or just plain-old-fashion fun!

For example, Karl “the Peacekeeper” Kersten from West Coast Bannermen created this fun custom scenario: Arya’s Hot Potato Pies

“Welcome to Braavos, a city with a rich history, and a variety of cultures. One thing about culture that all can love, is what each type brings to the table….. The dinner table that is. Quite often within the city, chefs and restaurant owners will compete for dominance to be crowned the flavor King or Queen. What they don’t know, is that a small and unrecognizable someone, or should I say no one, has poisoned their ingredients. As each restaurant owner aims to deliver their decadent entrees to each other’s part of town, bodies start dropping. Luckily for no one, no one suspects a thing, all they see is empty pie pans which means they must make more!  Until it is too late of course, as this mission only requires one side to be successful, for the true King of flavor is not participating, watching as his competition crumbles, just like their unsatisfactory pie crust. Be sure to deliver those hot pies to your opponent,  before they get cold and have to be thrown out, and before your own men cave in and succumb to the aroma of your divine recipe…as well as the special ingredient. The production and delivery will only cease once the effects of no one’s special surprise reach a source.”

What sort of fun, zany, or serious competitive game modes have you thought of?

These ideas can be fully fleshed out, or just skeletons – obviously things always need to be play-tested! But don’t let the details or balance get in the way of you getting started with the creative process – things can always be polished up at later stages!

Let us know in the comments on our Facebook Page, tag us on Twitter, or drop it in the #onthetablegaming hashtag!


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