CMON EXPO 2020: House Greyjoy in A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game

    Announced at CMON Expo 2020, House Greyjoy is the eighth faction for A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game. During CMON’s Virtual Expo, Lead Game Design Michael Shinall and Lead Developer Fabio Cury revealed several key cards and abilities for the Greyjoy Faction (full videos at bottom).

    Ironborn Reavers

    With mediocre armor and morale, the Ironborn Reavers will be at their best when they are on the offense. Their Hand Axes ability allows the unit to punch above its weight when it has gained pillage tokens; potentially hitting on 2+ with 10 dice when at full power. Keeping your Ironborn Reavers alive long enough to benefit from pillage tokens may be easier said than done, a playstyle that will reward careful positioning.

    Greyjoy Reaver Captain and Tactics Cards

    Reaver Captains are a powerful attachment for House Greyjoy, giving any unit the ability to have Outflank. Despite an unknown point value and the opportunity cost of using an attachment slot, Greyjoy players could theoretically deploy multiple units with this upgrade, allowing you to strike where your opponent is weakest or grab an unguarded objective token.
    What is Dead May Never Die further highlights the offensive nature of the Greyjoy forces, allowing for a unit to remain in play with D3 Wounds after it would have otherwise been destroyed. The trade-off is that, unless you control the attack zone, each time the unit takes an action it suffers D3 Wounds. This seems to pair well with Aeron Greyjoy – the Damphair, a 4pt NCU capable of allowing a unit to restore wounds when taking actions or destroying enemy units with Melee Attacks.

    Acquiring pillage tokens while keeping your own units alive seems to be the core of the Greyjoy faction, and these early reveals suggest that troops from the Iron Isles may be more focused on offense and movement then heavily armored troops. Fabio Cury and Michael Shinall also mentioned that the Greyjoy Starter set would be released with a ranged unit in the box, although no further information was revealed.

    Greyjoy Commanders

    During the CMON 2020 panel, two commanders were revealed for House Greyjoy. Speculation abounds as to whether these will be the two characters within the Starter Set, but they present two very distinct styles of play.

    Asha Greyjoy – The Kraken’s Daughter has the hallmarks of a classic control commander, with Inspiring Presence providing a defensive bubble to help mitigate damage, while leaning into the offensive theme via Stubborn Tenacity. Of note, Asha has the option for a companion attachment, Qarl. The abilities for this unit have not yet been announced.

    While only one side of Euron Greyjoy – Lord Reaper of Pyke was revealed, the tactics card Cunning Ploy already exists – a particularly interesting card when factoring in the Reaver Captain attachment. A unit deployed via Outflank can be activated instead of a unit already on the battlefield to catch an enemy unit unawares. If the additional yet-to-be-revealed Devious Methods and Mind Games, live up to their name, Euron will be a very compelling commander!

    ASOIAF: TMG CMON EXPO 2020 Developer Reveal

    ASOIAF: TMG CMON EXPO 2020 Developer Q&A

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