House Greyjoy News for A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game


Sightings of the Iron Fleet have been confirmed and CMON has revealed the forces landing alongside the Greyjoy Starter Set.

Be sure to read the official CMON release here

The Greyjoy host looks to be a serious threat, right from launch as with the new approach to distribution the Greyjoy ASOIAF TMG Starter Set will launch with three additional expansions simultaneously.

Greyjoy players can build their forces slowly, sticking with the contents of the starter set or, if they are looking to challenge the more well establish forces of Westeros, they can expand their list building options with the Greyjoy IronMakers, Ironborn Trappers, and the Greyjoy Heroes Box I.

Each of these units if influenced by the unique Greyjoy mechanic known as Pillage. When a Greyjoy unit destroy an enemy unit’s rank, they gain a pillage token which gives each unit a unique benefit. Maintaining enough offense to destroy enemy ranks, while also ensuring the units you want to gain buffs are in position to generate tokens, looks to be an exciting cornerstone of the Greyjoy playstyle.

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