The OthersĀ 

“They’re never far, you know. They won’t come out by day, not when that old sun’s shining, but don’t think that means they went away. Shadows never go away. Might be you don’t see them, but they’re always clinging to your heels.”

– Tormund to Jon Snow

The Others faction, a fan-made faction for use in unofficial games, is best defined by their unique corpse token mechanic and reliance on a few powerful units. We are currently in play testing for balance (b1.2) for this community made fan faction.

A PDF version of the cards can be downloaded for playtesting here.

“The Others started out as an April Fools Day joke for On the Table Gaming, but we made enough content to make it playable at home!”

– Yannic Bur, Creator of the Others Fan Faction

The Other's Fan Faction

Winter Is Here – Others Faction Playtesting

The Others Find the Cave by Tobias Mannevitz The Others Have Returned Thanks to the the tireless efforts of Yannic Bur and community supporters, the Others...